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Bokara Carpets Cleaning

If you’re shopping for a new rug, chances are you’re thinking about which material will best suit your decor. While choices like shag and sisal rugs may come to mind, lesser-known options like Bokara carpets are actually quite unique. Also, bokara carpets cleaning is very easy too, that’s why it could be a good choice.

Also known as Persian rugs, Bokhara carpets are made up of short, thick piles that resemble shag, but they’re actually made from natural wool harvested by hand. They’re also naturally stain-resistant, making them ideal for homes with children and pets.

Though Bokhara carpets aren’t as common as shag and sisal, they’re an excellent option for anyone interested in a unique rug or carpet.

What are Bokara Carpets?

Bokara Carpets are hand-knotted carpets made in India. These are made from the wool of the Angora goat, and different carpets are made in various colors. Bokara carpets have elegant designs and come in several colors, including red and blue. Bokara carpets were historically used as floor coverings but are now used for wall hanging and area rugs.

Bokara Carpets Cleaning
Bokara Carpets Cleaning

Bokara carpets create unique, one-of-a-kind works of art. Each carpet is hand-knotted by artisans with in-depth knowledge of carpet-making techniques, resulting in beautiful, durable carpets. Choose from hundreds of beautiful patterns and colors, or work with one of Bokara’s talented designers to create the carpet of your dreams.


The Essence of Bokara Carpets

The oriental carpets of Bokara village in the Şanlıurfa region of Turkey have been woven with traditional techniques and breath-taking colors for centuries. The freedom of expression in their designs has attracted artists, most notably Picasso, who incorporated the pieces into his painting Picasso’s Masterpiece.

Bokara Carpets Cleaning
Bokara Carpets Cleaning

But there’s more to Bokara than just its carpets; Bokara is also home to the Bokara Wine Museum, which houses a vast collection of vintage and antique wine from all over Turkey.

Most carpets are made of cotton or synthetic fibers, but Bokara carpets are made from natural fibers. The fibers that go into making Bokara carpets are handspun, and the fineness is adjustable. Bokara carpets are eco-friendly, but they are also very durable and come in a variety of solid colors and patterns. Bokara carpets color correction also offers an overall more vibrant and high-quality look.

Bokara Carpets Cleaning

Types of Bokara Carpets

Paki Bokhara.

Paki Bokhara (Persian: literally meaning “Persian Bokhara”) is a specific type of Oriental carpet woven in the northwestern part of Iran. The name is a reference to the city of Bokhara. It’s also known as Peki, Peko, Bokhara, Beko, Peke, Bikhara, and Bokhara carpet. Its names derive from the Persian word Bokhara, meaning a town in Central Asia.


Bokhara Guls.

Bokhara Guls are an easily distinguishable feature of the Bokhara carpet. They are a closely packed series of dents or ridges that go all the way across the width of the carpet, thus the name. They are sometimes confused with Bokhara Bokhara, but these are smaller, deeply carved, and usually lighter in color, whereas the Bokhara Guls are large, flat, and deep in color.


Tekke Design.

Tekke carpets are tribal carpet designs from the Turkish nomadic tribes of Anatolia and Iraq regions. Tekke carpets are comprised of red, blue, white, and blue. The tribal designs in red, blue & white are from tribes in Anatolia, while the tribal design in blue and white are from tribes in Iraq. Most Tekke carpets have a medallion in the center, usually with geometric and floral motifs.


Bokhara Borders.

Bokhara borders, also known as Bokhara carpet borders, are small carpet tiles that add an aesthetic touch to any Bokhara carpet. Borders complement classic carpets, modern design styles, oriental rugs, and Persian rugs. Borders are not usually sold separately but can be purchased as part of a larger Bokhara carpet.


Iranian Bokhara.

There is only one city where Bokhara carpets originated, and that city is Bokhara, today known as Khorasanabad. Bokhara rugs are also considered the best type of weaving developed from old Persian carpets.

Bokhara carpets have designs that are very complex and can easily follow them. Another important feature of those carpets is their high-quality material. Iranian Bokhara carpets are the most exquisite, beautiful, and highest quality Persian carpets worldwide.


How To Clean Bokara Carpets?

Carpets add beauty and warmth to our homes. However, they require a bit of tender loving care to keep them looking great. With regular vacuuming, they are much easier to clean than hardwood floors. Carpet sanitizer is an effective product that helps to keep carpets clean and free of dust, germs, and allergens.

Bokara Carpets Cleaning
Bokara Carpets Cleaning

But, as anyone who has ever tried to clean a carpet knows, carpets do require special treatment from time to time. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to get your carpets thoroughly clean.

“I was very satisfied with the cleaning service for Bokara carpets. They were able to get my carpets looking like new again with minimal effort.”

– Wilson H., Old Hill

Over time, your carpets accumulate dirt, dust, food crumbs, pet hair, and more. Unsightly stains and odors can also mar the beauty of your floor. To clean Bokara carpets, it’s best to vacuum on a regular basis to pick up as much dirt and debris as possible.

Remove stains by first rinsing the area with cold water, then rubbing away any traces of residue. If needed, use hydrogen peroxide on individual stains, then use a damp washcloth to wipe the stain away. Carpet stain remover can help you remove difficult set-in stains, restoring your carpets.


Steps in Bokara Carpets Cleaning

New carpets are expensive, and you likely spent quite a bit of time and money getting them. But over the years, your carpet may acquire stubborn stains and dirt that can be very difficult to remove. Follow these steps to clean your carpet after moving out:

  1. Vacuum your carpet to get rid of loose dirt and debris.
  2. Mix warm water and dish soap into a paste. Rub the paste into the carpet to help dissolve any stubborn dirt.
  3. Use a carpeting brush to brush the paste into the carpet.
  4. Vacuum the paste residue.
  5. Dry your carpet, and then vacuum again.


Bokara Carpets Cleaning - Daisy Thompson

Bokara carpets are durable and long lasting, but they need to be cleaned once in a while to maintain their beauty and quality. If you have a Bokara carpet in your home, let a professional carpet cleaning service take care of the dirty work. Check out a professional carpet cleaning service such as Carpet cleaning in Connecticut in your area and get a no-obligation quote from them.


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Bokara Carpets Cleaning

Bokara Carpets Cleaning

Bokara Carpets Cleaning

Bokara Carpets Cleaning

Bokara Carpets Cleaning

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