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Bokara Rugs Color Correction

Are you considering investing? Bokara rugs are a great option right now. These rugs are very low maintenance, durable, and can last for decades. Bokara rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns. This rug comes in a gorgeous beige color with colorful patterns that stand out. It will look great in any room. It also comes in different sizes, including a large rectangular size. Nevertheless, Bokara rugs color correction is also easy, so you can really make them your own.

What are Bokara Rugs?

A Bokara rug is a handcrafted woolen rug, typically made from sheep wool. These rugs are handmade in tribal areas in India and Afghanistan. From Bokara rugs to ghurka rugs and bakshaish rugs, many different types of rugs can be used for decoration, accents, and floor covering.

Bokara rugs are hand-woven with natural dyes on wool, cotton, and jute. The bright colors on these rugs are created by first dying the wool with a mix of traditional and natural dyes.

The dying process usually takes weeks, and as each dying process is unique, the exact colors of the dyes and wool will vary from what is pictured on Bokara rugs. When the rugs are completed, they’re washed to remove excess dye and then carefully dried in the sun.

Bokara Rugs Color Correction
Bokara Rugs Color Correction

What Do We Mean by Bokara Rugs Color Correction?

The rug color correction process is an important part of rug cleaning. The color correction process removes the color and dry soil from the rug fibers and restores the fiber to its original state.

Color correction is a technique in which colors in a piece of art are adjusted according to personal preference. In Bokara rugs, color correction sometimes refers to the process of adding or subtracting dyes from wool or other natural fibers.

Bokara Rugs Color Correction

The Importance of Bokara Rugs Color Correction

The essence of a Bokara rug is mostly natural. The Bokara rug has a traditional and primitive feel and look. Many Bokara rugs are handmade. Bokara rugs are mainly made from wool. These are woven on a flat loom. The Bokara rug design attraction is its splendid geometric patterns, which use a variety of geometrical shapes, like triangles, diamonds, and rectangles.

However, Bokara rugs can be stained from spilled food or drink. They can also be ruined by light. The dyes used in making the Bokara rug can fade in sunlight. Therefore, most Bokara rugs are finished in a neutral color.

“Best Bokara’s Color Correction service I ever had! It was like my rug had a makeover!”

– Emily T., South Norwalk

Color correction is an important step in caring for a Bokara rug that is new or antique. The Bokara, or Bohemian, is a beautifully crafted handmade woolen rug, and it is important to treat it correctly. Often the wool used in these rugs has natural shedding properties.

The Bokara rugs are often also hand-knotted and braided; though there are many machine-made rugs as well, the color correction process is the same. Once every couple of years, the rugs should be professionally cleaned. Generally, color correction is when a rug is washed to remove the dirt, dust, and other particles that may have settled in the weave of the rug.

Bokara Rugs Color Correction
Bokara Rugs Color Correction

Colors of Bokara Rugs

These rugs come in four basic colors:


Red Bokara Rugs

Red Bokara rugs are hand-knotted by nomadic tribes, who weave their own wool and custom-dye the wool. The rugs are a delight of dyes and wool, which combine to create seemingly endless patterns and colors.

Many of the tribal rugs have geometric patterns, which are the focus of the rugs. When purchasing a tribal rug, always pay attention to the pattern. Different patterns have different meanings.

Bokara Rugs Color Correction
Bokara Rugs Color Correction


Blue Bokara Rugs

Blue Bokara Rugs are made from the most delicate ikat fabrics, handwoven on backstrap looms in tribal villages throughout India. These rugs were traditionally made using natural dyes from indigo, plant, bark, and insect extracts.

As the demand for these natural dye rugs soared, local weavers began producing them using artificial dyes instead, using synthetic indigo, which is chemical based. Now, these rugs are mass-produced and sold all over the world. However, this mass-produced Bokara Rug is not as beautiful as it once was and is not a true Bokara Rug.


Green Bokara Rugs

Green Bokara Rugs are a beautiful option for modern home decor. Bokara means “the seven regions” in Tibetan, and these handmade rugs are made of polypropylene. Bokara Rugs have beautiful and unique patterns, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Actually, Bokara Rugs are available in over 400 colors, so you can find the perfect piece to match your home.


Black Bokara Rugs

Black Bokara rugs are hand-knotted wool rugs from Uzbekistan. Bokara rugs are also known as Zardozi rugs and have been around for more than 400 years. Bokara rugs are considered very hard-wearing and were originally used as floor coverings by nomadic tribes. Black Bokara Rugs is a type of oriental rug. They are generally made of wool and cotton.

The origin of this type of rug is Central Asia, but nowadays, they are made all over the world. They are commonly found in India, Pakistan, and Iran. Bokara rugs are named after the town where they are made. Bokara is a town in West Azerbaijan Province.


How Does Bokara Rugs Color Correction Works?

Color correction for Bokara rugs is a multi-step process that begins with identifying defective areas such as damage, fading, burns, holes, and discoloration. There are 3 basic steps in the rug repair process:

  1. Colorfastness Test- A colorfastness test is done on the edges of the carpet first for colorfastness. This makes sure the area is defect-free, and you can be sure that your colorfastness test results are accurate.
  2. Placement of Colorfastness Test- After the colorfastness test, the repair is then tested twice more for colorfastness. Colorfastness areas are placed so that you can check colorfastness multiple times.
  3. Colorfastness Tests- Once the sample is colorfast, then the same test is done on the entire carpet.


The colors are vibrant and bold, with earth-toned wool and wool blends.

Are you looking for Bokara rug color correction? When it comes to a Bokara rug, the natural beauty of its design often calls for professional cleaning. At Carpet Cleaning in Connecticut, they love Bokara rugs for their incredible colors, patterns, and intricate designs.

They understand how difficult it can be to keep them looking their best. They are proud to offer Bokara rug cleaning and repair as part of their area rug cleaning services. They also offer rug fixing, rug patching, rug steam cleaning, and many more.


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