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Clean Pet Needs from Carpet

All pet owners want their pets to feel comfortable in their own homes and out of the cold. One way to keep your pet feeling comfortable is with a brand new and fluffy carpet. Keeping a carpet clean can be a huge undertaking, especially if you have pets that shed. But, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on processes to clean pet needs from carpet.

Clean pet needs from carpet

As you clean up the mess your pup has made on your carpet, you may feel tempted just to break out the carpet cleaner and be done with it. However, most carpet cleaners are toxic. These chemicals can be hazardous to your cat or dog and could cause long-term damage to the fibers in your carpet. Here are the tips for you on how to clean carpets if you stay with your pets.

Clean Pet Needs from Carpet
Clean Pet Needs from Carpet


Use an extractor for the wet messes

Many dogs like to eat and drink what they shouldn’t, and it can be difficult to tell them otherwise. Pet accidents can also create difficult clean-up jobs around the house, making them a nuisance for you and your dog. There are many methods for cleaning pet messes, but the best method is to use an extractor.

Wet messes can quickly soak through absorbent materials, so it’s best to use a tool that can clean the mess quickly and thoroughly—using a held extractor to clean your pet’s wet messes. This device uses a vacuum process to collect the mess and gathers it in one unit for easy disposal.

Mostly by using a held extractor, you can clean the wet messes of your pet without exposing yourself to the dirty smell. This is because the device directs dirty air away from your face and nose.

Clean Pet Needs from Carpet
Clean Pet Needs from Carpet

Don’t stomp on paper towels

When your dog pees on your carpet, don’t rush out to buy a big roll of paper towels to mop up. First, the longer you wait to clean it up, the more likely it is to get soaked and harder to clean.

Second, while paper towels soak up most of the urine, it can cause your carpet to get wet, promoting mildew growth. Don’t stomp on paper towels is one of the tips for cleaning your carpet when you have a pet at home.

Clean Pet Needs from Carpet

Find a bio-enzymatic cleaner

If you have a pet and are prone to accidents, consider buying an enzyme cleaner for your carpet. These cleaners use enzymes that actually eat up the pet urine, eliminating odors and stains. Look for enzyme cleaners at your local pet store or carpet cleaning supply store, and don’t forget to use a carpet cleaner with enzymes if your floors need extra help.

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Use a carpet stain remover

Sometimes pets are a little accident-prone. When they take a spill on your beautiful carpet, don’t panic. Instead, get out your stain remover, give your carpet a quick spray, and wipe away the annoying stain. Keep a bottle of stain remover on hand, just in case. When it comes to pet messes, prevention is better than cure. To prevent an odorous situation from arising, invest in good quality pet stain carpet cleaner and use it on your carpets each month.

With 10 to 15 minutes of quick work, you can get rid of most stains. When accidents happen, your carpet will look as good as new in no time.

Clean Pet Needs from Carpet
Clean Pet Needs from Carpet


Avoid steam cleaning

The steam cleaning method is efficient but risky. Any pet you love will be around the deep steam, which can damage the pet’s hair or skin. You need to be careful with pets’ faces or ears. So, keep in mind that steam cleaning is not just about cleaning the carpet, but it’s a way to clean the house.


Use a putty knife for solids

If you have pets who shed, you know how messy and frustrating it can be to keep your carpets clean. One of the tips for cleaning your carpet when you have a pet at home is using a putty knife for solids. The putty knife works well for scooping up the pet hair on your carpet. You can easily scoop up the hair without the carpet fibers being damaged.


Find an oxygenated pet stain cleaner

Finding an oxygenated pet stain cleaner is one of the tips for cleaning your carpet when you have a pet at home. When you bring a pet home, you often bring fur, dander, and hair. Pet hair can get stuck in your carpet, and it can cause discoloration and odor. Even if you want to vacuum every day, pet hair can still get trapped deep inside your carpet.


Don’t use rags because it forces the solid onto the carpet

Cleaning pet hair carpet should be easy, but most people struggle with it. A rag may work great for pet hair on upholstery and hard surfaces, but it’s different for your carpet. When you use a rag, you force the pet hair into the fibers of the carpet, making it much harder to remove. Instead, try using a towel to remove pet hair from your carpet.


Do hire a carpet cleaner

Professional carpet cleaning in Connecticut is a great idea if you own a pet, which applies to both cats and dogs. The last thing you want is a pet stain or odor on your brand-new carpet, but this can happen if you don’t clean your carpet regularly.

Vacuuming your carpet helps get out some of the pet hair, but pet hair isn’t the only cause of pet odors and stains. Many pet owners don’t realize that their pet’s urine can soak deep down into your carpet, causing a lasting odor. Getting rid of pet odors and stains can be a challenge, especially if you have carpet.



Cleaning our carpet can be important in keeping your family safe and healthy. But cleaning your carpet properly is not as easy as vacuuming it. Carpets collect a lot of dust and other debris, which means that poor carpet cleaning can actually do more harm to your family and your environment than you realize.

While this may seem counterintuitive—after all, carpets are soft, comfortable, and lovely to look at—dirty carpets invite germs and bacteria, which can lead to allergies, asthma, and other health problems.


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