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Hand Knotted Carpets Color Correction

If you buy hand knotted carpets before installing them in your home or office, you should know that not all hand-knotted carpets are alike. Some are darker, others are lighter, and they fade differently when exposed to sunlight. However, hand knotted carpets get their unique charm from regular care and maintenance. And hand knotted carpets color correction is one of the services that help to keep it looking beautiful. 

To learn how to maintain and restore hand knotted carpets, contact Color Correction Service in Connecticut. They are experts when it comes to restoring rugs back to their original beauty.

What are hand knotted carpets?

Hand knotted carpets have been around for thousands of years, and with their beautiful patterns and vibrant colors, they are a treasured addition to any floor. The good news is that hand knotted carpets can be cleaned, restored, and illuminated to bring back their beautiful colors and patterns. Simply contact a skilled carpet technician to have your antique or heirloom hand knotted carpets cleaned and restored. Carpet Color Correction is a service that can restore color to carpets, correcting and removing stains from your carpet and discolorations.

Hand Knotted Carpets Color Correction
Hand Knotted Carpets Color Correction

Hand knotted carpets have been a large part of the rugs industry for thousands of years. What most people don’t know is that hand knotted carpets are made from the same materials that other carpets are made from.

The difference is just the process used to create it. Hand knotted carpets are created by knotting raw wool into oversized loops. This is different than a tufted carpet which is made from a machine. To have a knotted carpet dyed, the live knots are removed, exposing the foundation wool.


Importance of Hand Knotted Carpets Color Correction

Traditionally, hand knotted carpets were woven using natural dyes. Over time, these dyes have been replaced using synthetic colorants. It is presumed that these synthetic colors have better longevity and less fading, but the colors produced by these synthetic colorants also lack the nuances found in natural dyes.

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– Olivia W., Belle Haven

The result is that hand knotted carpets that are produced today often lack depth and color intensity compared to earlier examples.

Hand knotted carpets color coloration is of high importance. Hand knotted carpets are an excellent option for those who want to decorate their homes in a unique and extravagant way. Carpets are woven using different materials, including wool, silk, cotton, and jute, and each one has characteristic colors that are inherent to its fiber.

While wool carpets are often predominantly red or blue, silk carpets are often brown or gold and cotton carpets are often beige or tan. The hand knotting process also determines the carpet’s color.

Hand Knotted Carpets Color Correction

Advantages of buying hand knotted carpets

Superior workmanship

A hand knotted carpet is a work of art. It is made by master weavers who have devoted their lives to creating a masterpiece. The carpets are crafted with the finest wools, silks, and dyes. The colors are vibrant, the patterns intricate, and the shapes soft. Hand knotted carpets are admired for their beauty and rarity.



Hand knotted carpets endure longer than synthetic carpets. The durable hand knotted carpets are produced with 100 % wool and silk, which are resistant to dirt and stains. The hand knotted carpets are easy to clean and maintain, also, they have a soft texture, which is ideal for all rooms of the house.


A valuable investment

The hand knotted carpets are famous for being a good value investment. The hand knotted carpets can be referred to as the rugs that date back to the middle or end of the 19th century. These carpets are mostly made in India and the Far East countries.

The hand knotted carpets are woven hand by skilled individuals who use eco-friendly materials and dyes. The hand knotted carpets are attractive with their unique dyeing and patterning techniques.


Elegant beauty

Hand knotted carpets have elegant beauty. The natural beauty of the material, the blend of colors, and the skillful workmanship create magic. The sleek beauty of hand knotted carpets makes your house more beautiful and enhances your home décor.

Hand Knotted Carpets Color Correction
Hand Knotted Carpets Color Correction


Toxin-free and environmentally sound

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly products for your home, explore hand knotted carpets. It is better for your health, but hand knotted carpets are also toxin-free. When looking for hand knotted carpets, look for rugs with organic dyes and threads, along with bamboo and other organic fibers.

The bamboo used is non-toxic and can be recycled over and over again. Hand knotted carpets are not only environmentally friendly but can last for decades without wearing down.



Carpeted flooring is such an important part of our homes, not only for practical reasons but because it can add warmth and character. One of the advantages of hand knotted carpets is their flexibility.

Many people might assume that hand knotted carpets are more expensive than machine-made carpets, but the truth is that hand knotted carpets actually offer the look and feel of more expensive carpets at a much lower price.


Some of the best hand knotted carpets

Tan Oushak Area Carpet

Tan Oushak Area Carpet is one of hand knotted carpet types; it is lined with cotton and is handmade.  The carpet is colored with vegetable dyes. The carpet is a part of handmade production. The carpet is a handmade carpet and is machine washed. The carpet consists of natural wool, cotton, and vegetable dyes.  The carpet is a handmade carpet.

Blue Ziegler Area Carpet

Blue Ziegler Area Carpet is one of hand knotted carpets types, a type of carpet created using top-of-the-line materials. This type of carpet is distinguished by its highly artistic designs, bright colors, and intricate details. These carpets are durable and beautiful, making them a great option for your home.


Ivory Mahal Area Carpet

The Ivory Mahal Area carpet is worn on the walls at palaces, shah’s residences, and tombs. The Ivory Mahal Area carpet is famous for its intricate design. The ivory Mahal Area carpets are woven in all-over designs. The Ivory Mahal Area carpetis available ingrazivishhi, khasa, bhagalpuri, Mughal, and ari.

Hand Knotted Carpets Color Correction
Hand Knotted Carpets Color Correction



Carpet or Rug cleaning in Connecticut can play a big role in the maintenance of your home or business. When your carpet becomes dirty, it’s important you maintain it regularly. Carpet cleaning loosens dirt and germs that may have settled onto your carpet fibers, preventing them from spreading throughout your home.


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