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Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction

If your hand tufted carpet has color damage, or if you want to change its color, there’s only one option: hand tufted carpet color correction. Hand tufted carpet color correction is a multi-step process that involves removing old carpet, honing (a process), and hand tufting new carpet. Our hand tufted carpets color correction service ensures that each and every hand tufted carpet is perfectly matched to its intended hue, providing a seamless and beautiful look.

It’s a challenging process, but a local Connecticut carpet repair company has the tools and experience to get the job done.


What are hand tufted carpets?

Carpets made with hand-tufting have been around for hundreds of years, and they remain popular today. Hand-tufting creates dense, thick, and plush carpets since each tuft is individually tied by hand to the foundation. These carpets are lovely and durable, and, in addition to the visual appeal, they bring warmth and elegance to any room.

Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction
Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction

Hand tufted carpets are the ones made by hand. These carpets are called hand tufted carpets because the carpets are made with the help of hand. These carpets are made by skilled artisans. These carpets have uneven loops. The patterns on the carpets are not regular patterns. The designs on these types of carpets are geometrical.

These carpets can be heavy when compared to the other carpets. These carpets have much better value as compared to machine-made carpets. The quality of this type of carpet is excellent. This type of carpet is made using wool. These carpets are often used to make furniture.


Importance of Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction

Hand tufted carpets coloration is one of the most intricate aspects of carpet manufacturing and is completely distinct from machine tufted carpets coloration. The hand tufted carpets’ color coloration style involves manually placing color yarns into a pattern, making slight adjustments to the yarn placement, and then re-treading the yarn.

The hand tufting machine moves back and forth through the length of the carpet, looping the yarn through a barbed needle, which is then detached from the machine.

We offer hand tufted rugs color correction services to restore the vibrant colors of your hand tufted carpets and make them look as good as new.

Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction

Pros of buying hand tufted carpets

Highly durable

Hand tufted carpets are highly durable because of the thickness of the loops of yarn that are used to make them. With hand tufted carpets, the height, thickness, and density of the loops are adjusted according to purpose, design, and preference. Hand tufted carpets can be used in both commercial and residential settings due to their affordability and versatility.

Our hand tufted carpets cleaning service is designed to provide a comprehensive and thorough clean that will restore the original beauty of your hand tufted carpets.


Price is affordable

Price is affordable is one of the advantages of hand tufted carpets. With hand tufting, the wool or synthetic yarns are run through a tufting machine that uses rotating needles to stitch the carpet pile together.

Hand tufted carpets have a thicker pile, are denser and more resilient, and are more resistant to crushing and crushing damage. Hand tufted carpets also feature more durable and higher quality yarns, which extend the life of your carpet significantly.


Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction
Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction

Cons of buying hand tufted carpets

Bad odor

Hand tufted carpets have a bad odor, which is not observed with the machine tufted carpets. Hand tufted carpets are more costly than machine tufted ones. Hand tufting tobacco leaves fibers such as Hemp, hemp, wool, and cotton. The fibers are tufted in layers, using needles to form piles, then cut and bound.

The carpet is finished with a latex underlay, a latex or wool blend top layer, and an optional latex or wool backing. Hand tufted carpets are durable and luxurious, and hence, most households install such carpets.


Fiber is shedding

Fiber shedding is one of the main reasons hand-tufted carpets fail in high-traffic areas. Although this may not bother the owners of hand tufted carpets, it can prove a real issue to the owners of carpet that are laid over existing carpet.


You might suffer from dye bleed

Sometimes carpet manufacturers add color to the yarn before the carpet is tufted and then dye the yarn before weaving it into the finished product. This is known as yarn dyeing. It is done to give the carpet a multicolor look and to improve its durability of the carpet.

However, if one of the dye baths spills, the dye can be absorbed into the carpet backing. Since the dye is dyed into the backing, it can be tough to detect.


Harder to clean and maintain

Carpets make our homes feel cozy and inviting, but they can be hard to clean and maintain compared to other flooring options. Thanks to their intricate patterns and beautiful texture, hand-tufted carpets are making a comeback these days. These carpets are much more durable and are more durable than machine-tufted carpets, but hand tufted carpets are harder to clean and maintain.


“I had a unique problem with my hand tufted carpets: their colors were fading, and I wanted to restore them without having to replace them. Fortunately, I found CT Cleaners’ color correction service. They did an amazing job of restoring the vibrancy of my carpets and they look perfect! Highly recommend this service!”

–  Carolyn D., Woods Pond


Tips for cleaning the hand tufted carpets

Suction vacuums are the best to use with their beater bar off.

You can clean up your vacuum with a suction vacuum, and turning off your vacuum’s beater bar is one of the tips to clean hand tufted carpets. Because beater brush can damage or even break the Tufte fibers.

First, store the beater bar in a location other than your main living space. You can quickly locate it and turn it on and off as needed. Next, empty the vacuum canister and run the suction vacuum attachment over the entire surface of your rug.


Vacuum your carpet

Many homeowners believe that vacuuming their carpets or rugs at least once a week is enough to keep them clean. While this may be true, vacuums only remove loose dust and hair, so using cleaning agents or steam cleaning is recommended every three to four months.

Rugs steam cleaning is a highly effective way to deep clean rugs, removing dirt and other debris from the fibers for a deep and thorough clean.


Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction - Carol Gomez

Work on the stain right away so it doesn’t set.

If the stain is fresh, blot up as much liquid as possible. Mix 1⁄2 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid per cup of warm water and blot again. This should pull away some of the stains.


Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda onto the urine stains prior to vacuuming the carpet

One of the tips to clean hand tufted carpets is to sprinkle baking soda over urine stains before you vacuum the carpet. You can sprinkle it on and blot it out or wet the area first to help with the stickiness. Then just vacuum the area once again.



Connecticut carpet cleaning for hand tufted carpets means deep cleaning your carpet. Hand tufted carpets have been around for centuries. Since they are hand tufted, they have loose threads. This means they require intensive cleaning.

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Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction

Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction

Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction

Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction

Hand Tufted Carpets Color Correction

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