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Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction

Hand woven carpets or carpets made in Turkey, India, Central Asia, Palestine, and Afghanistan are among the most unique and beautiful and can give your home that luxury feels that is hard to come by these days. Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction can help you restore and revive the vibrant colors of your carpets. 

There is a carpet company that offers carpet cleaning service too that located in Connecticut, that has been staying and continues to offer a good service for every customer.

What are hand woven carpets?

Hand woven carpets have been around for thousands of years because they are beautiful, durable, and unique. The technique used to create them, hand knotted, requires extensive skill and years of training.

Hand knotted carpets are woven on a hand loom, and they are designed, dyed, and constructed in one single session. It is a long process involving the production of approximately 5,000 knots per square foot, but the rewards are well worth it.

Hand woven carpets are woven or knotted by hand. There are many different techniques and designs associated with the craft. Traditional hand-woven carpets were made of wool or silk, but today, most are made of plastic. These rugs are woven by hand on a loom, using yarn or threads in a pattern. The finished rug is then washed, shampooed, and hand-sewn into the carpet’s final form. A comprehensive hand woven carpets cleaning that ensures your carpets are spotless and look their best.


Importance of Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction

Color correction is a technique used to restore the natural color of carpets that have been cleaned to a color that is off. Color correction is not a new process, but thanks to the stain-resistant properties of carpets, color correction is not as effective on the carpet as it used to be.

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Carpet does a better job of absorbing color than carpet used to. When a carpet is cleaned, the dyes and materials used for color can become less effective, making them appear dull or faded, which creates the need for color correction.

Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction
Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction

Hand woven carpets’ color coloration is the most important parameter of hand-woven carpets, which directly affects their aesthetic and economic value. But often, the color selection of hand-woven carpets is little consideration, and customers often focus on only the pattern, price, and material. This may result in the rejection of the color, which is not conducive to the decorative effect.

Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction

Pros of buying hand woven carpet

Incredibly soft and comfortable

When it comes to carpets, there are a few basic types. And when it comes to hand woven carpets, there are a few advantages. Unlike machine made carpets, hand woven carpets are incredibly soft and comfortable. These carpets are also very accessible since they are handmade. With a hand weave carpet, you can pretty much take any design pattern and turn it into a carpet.

Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction
Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction


Stunning look

Hand woven carpets are undoubtedly the best choice for those who want to decorate a home with elegance and sophistication. These carpets look very striking, which makes their presence in the interiors much more striking. Not only are you getting a beautiful product, but you are also getting the most environmentally friendly flooring option available.


Warm up a cold floor

Carpets are an essential feature in every home, and they provide us with warmth and comfort. Hand woven carpets with warm colors, such as red, orange, or yellow, will warm up cold floors, making the room warmer and more comfortable and increasing the coziness.



Hand woven carpets can last for a long time. The durability of hand-woven carpets is due to the kind of materials that are used in the design and manufacturing process. This is why hand-woven carpets are more expensive compared to machine woven ones. If you can afford to buy a hand-woven carpet, then it will be worth the extra cost.


Cons of buying hand woven carpet

Require significant maintenance and more costly repairs

Handwoven carpets have great character, are of superior quality, and can last for decades. However, handwoven carpets require more maintenance and have higher repair costs compared to machine-made synthetic carpets.

Handwoven carpets are more durable and resistant to wear and tear, but they are more susceptible to stains, as foot traffic and dirt can accumulate more easily on these types of carpets.


Aren’t waterproof

As most carpet lovers know, the hand-woven carpets and the tufted carpets are not equally popular. While the former is thinner, it is more flexible, lighter, attractive, and easier to clean than the latter. However, most hand-woven carpets are not as waterproof as the other carpets. This is one of the major factors behind their unpopularity.


Tips for cleaning hand-woven carpet

Wash by hand

Hand-washing your carpet is the best way to remove deeply embedded dirt, pet hair, and other debris. Hand-washing your carpet by hand using a detergent is one way to clean a hand-woven carpet. But it’s important to read the label on your detergent to find the right one for your carpet. Carpet sanitizer is an effective way to clean and remove bacteria from carpets, making them safe for your family and pets.


Use vacuum cleaner

Hand woven carpets are not just decorative accessories but very valuable resources for keeping a home clean and healthy. These carpets are easy to maintain, provided that they are vacuumed regularly.

A vacuum machine is a must-have tool when it comes to cleaning hand woven carpets. If the vacuum machine is well maintained, it can remove any dirt, dust, and stains from the carpet. This article gives you some tips on how to clean hand woven carpets using a vacuum cleaner.


How to dry your piece

Wet rugs are the bane of every carpet owner’s existence—not only does it look bad to have wet spots on your new carpet, but it can also cause damage to your carpets as well. To avoid damaging your carpet, you can use one of two drying methods: using a carpet rake to fluff up your carpets and using a hairdryer. If neither of these options works, you can dry your carpet using a vacuum. Handwoven Rugs Cleaning involve vacuuming regularly and getting professional cleaning done every few years to help maintain the integrity of the weave.


Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction - Harry Jones


When it comes to hand woven carpet cleaning, Connecticut has the highest density of these rugs in the country. Many homes in this state boast hand woven carpets, which are woven by skilled artisans and passed down from generation to generation. These rugs are very expensive, and if they are improperly cleaned, their fibers will fray and weaken over time.


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Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction

Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction

Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction

Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction

Hand Woven Carpets Color Correction

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