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Rug Disinfect

When winter rolls around, germs and viruses start to multiply, and winter accessories like scarves and mittens also make us more vulnerable to illness. There’s

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Rugs Steam Cleaning

Did you know that rugs and carpets harbor dirt, grime, and bacteria? Regular vacuuming helps to remove these particles, but regular cleaning is needed to

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Rug Stain Remover

 A rug stain is the last thing anyone wants on a prized rug. Unfortunately, rugs can collect stains over time. Even when you try your

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Rug Sanitizer

When you bought that new rug or beautiful furniture, you likely made sure it was cleaned before you took it home. But what about the

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Rug Repair

Carpets and rugs can be quite expensive, yet different things can damage them. Damage from smoke, pets, cleaning chemicals, and even children can cause your

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Rug Refringing

Rugs are a great addition to a home. They add color and pattern, and texture to any room, they cut down on noise, and they

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Rug Patching

It’s not unusual to hear an interior designer or a high-end retail store owner talking about rug patching. And it’s often not the kind of

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Rug Organic Cleaning

Today there are all sorts of organic cleaning products. While some of these are quite expensive, you can create your own organic products at home

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Rug Fixing

A rug or carpet is a decorative floor covering made from wool, nylon, silk, cotton, or other materials. These rugs come in many different styles

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