Rug Repair

Carpets and rugs can be quite expensive, yet different things can damage them. Damage from smoke, pets, cleaning chemicals, and even children can cause your rugs to deteriorate and have to be replaced. But, did you know that some types of rugs can be repaired? Rug repairing, fixing rips and tears is easy with a little know-how and can save you a lot of money.

The rug is a type of floor covering that mainly consists of hand-knotted or hand-woven materials. Rugs are all made by hand, and they come in all types of patterns, colors, and textures. Rugs are one of the oldest forms of floor covering and go back thousands of years. Rugs can be very expensive, but they can also be very reasonably priced.

What Do We Mean by Rug Repair?

Rug Repair is the art of restoring a damaged rug back to its former glory. Any rug can be repaired, so long as you can find the right rug repair expert for the job. An expert in rug repair has the knowledge and training to get rugs back to their original state by using various techniques that depend on the type of damage.

Rug repair, also known as rug restoration, can cost a lot of money. A larger rug will cost much more to repair than a smaller-sized rug. However, you can still save quite a bit of money on your rug repair by knowing some tricks.


Here Are the Rug Repair Techniques:


Blocking is the term used to describe where the edges of a rug are cut at 45 degrees so that the rug overlaps itself. This is the most common form of repair and creates an even surface for foot traffic. Even the best rugs wear out over time.

Blocking is a type of wear in which the pile “falls” and comes to a duller surface. Blocking is characterized by dead fibers or streaks of dead fibers that appear, breaking the luster of the rug. Blocking can be repaired by shampooing the rug with mild soap and warm water.

Rug Repair


Rug repair comes in a variety of forms. While the process differs slightly depending on the material the rug is made of, there are several processes rug owners can expect to encounter. Overcasting is the final and most common process. There are other methods that rug owners may use as well.



Rugs can look great on the flooring, but they need to be repaired if they get damaged. For damage such as rips, holes, and fraying, a rug binding will help prevent further damage. There are different materials and color options.



If you’ve had a rug repaired, chances are it was rewoven or fixed with a strip of new yarn. Reweaving is the best way to fix a rug if it’s damaged. Experts use special tools to break the rug apart, replacing the yarn. It’s essential that the rug be cut straight. Otherwise, the new yarn will twist.


Securing Edges

To repair a rug, cut a deep slit into the carpet between where the rug edge meets the floor and the rug begins. Insert a hook tool into the slot and pull the rug straight back. Then insert the rug hook into the slit and pull, straightening the rug and securing the edges.


Fringe Repair and Replacement

If your shag rug is a curling or fraying on the edges, chances are it needs fringe repair. Most of the time, the problem is easy to spot, and the fringe repair job is simple enough that you can do it on your own. Fringe repair is the process of replacing carpet or rug fringe.

When a carpet is removed from the floor, it often leaves a frayed edge of carpet and carpet backing that drops to the floor. Fringe repair professionals reattach this exposed carpet fringe to the carpet backing, so the edge is securely anchored. This keeps the frayed edge from unraveling, curling, and matting.


Abrash Redying

Abrash Redying is a method of repairing a Persian rug by dying the wool threads. The process will lighten the color of the wool and will make the wool’s original color. Usually, a reddish hue become brighter. Abrash Redying is usually used to restore faded or discolored rugs.


Pile Shearing

Pile shearing is a method for repairing the pile head of a rug. Rug pile shearing is done by shearing or nipping pieces of the pile off the end.

Pile shearing is commonly used when working to salvage a carpet that has benefited little from a professional cleaning. Pile shearing is a less expensive alternative to replacing rugs, but pile shearing is possible only with a rug with at least 50% pile remaining.


Moth damage repair:

If your rug is moth damaged, there are steps you can take to clean it and bring it back to life. If your rug contains wool, you can carefully vacuum it to remove dirt, mud, and sand and brush it by gently rolling the wool back and forth. If you can’t get to your rug right away, cover it with a clean plastic bag, and your moth damage repair will be safe inside.

If you’ve recently bought yourself a home (or plan to do so), it’s important to know how to maintain it for years to come—and that includes knowing how to clean and repair it. Rug repair techniques come in handy here, of course. Carpets and rugs can wear out over time, especially when they’re used on a regular basis, whether they’re in high-traffic areas or for decorative purposes.

Suppose you’ve just bought a rug, learn how to spot clean stains and spills to prevent them from completely ruining it. And if you’re already dealing with stains or damage to your carpet, consider rug repair techniques to get the damage fixed.

When your carpet has stains that just won’t come out, you need help from a professional. A rug repair company can help you clean, repair, and restore area rugs to their original condition. You depend on your rugs for warmth and style, and you want to keep it that way. If you need help with a rug, call the rug repair experts such as Carpet Cleaning in Connecticut.

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